Talk about mirror images and determine what happens when a shape is reflected on a vertical axis. Make connections to size and scale of objects.

Discuss the historical significance of the dragonfly and what it symbolizes in different cultures. It often refers to a type of positive change.

Make connections between words and communication skills. Set up clues in the note holders and place them in various areas, then give students the first note holder with a hint as to where they can find the next one. Each note holder will give a clue until the last one is found.

Disuses the numerous species of dragonflies, look at the size of their eyes in relationship to their head. Talk about the long migration patterns and try to map a route using the note holder to denote facts about their journey.

Try creating a pencil station where the dragonfly can hold writing implements needed in class. Attach them to the edge of a dry erase board to draw attention to special notes.

Art Infused Cross Curriculum Educational Lesson Ideas – Note Holder Project

Ideas for ART INFUSED Cross Curriculum Lesson Plans

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