Discuss symmetry and the angles used in origami. Discuss the different types of angles, like right angles and acute angles, and have students identify them in this design.

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding developed by the Japanese. Discuss the history of this art form, and how it is still used in art today

Have the students come up with different words made from the words “Origami Frogs”. Every time they come up with a word, their frog can hop one more time, see who can come up with the most words and which frog hops the farthest, this can be done individually or as separate teams.

Focus in on the special properties of the frog and the power behind its jump. Place a dab of wet paint on the bottom of each origami frog (a different color for each student) and let them see which frog jumps the farthest (the color markings will help to identify the winner).

Make this a contest, see which frog can hop to the finish line first. Have the students decorate an obstacle course with blue construction paper for water and sticks for the frogs to jump over.

Art Infused Cross Curriculum Educational Lesson Ideas – Origami Frogs Project

Ideas for ART INFUSED Cross Curriculum Lesson Plans

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